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International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) have far reaching activities including producing IFRA Standards which contain ingredients limits, specifications and prohibitions. Additionally IFRA have a Code of Practice, produce guidance documents and position papers and organize scientific and regulatory committees globally and regionally. Complying with the IFRA Code of Practice is a pre-requisite to IFRA membership and is regularly requested by fragrance clients. IFRA compliance starts with a good understanding of the Code of Practice and an in depth appreciation of the IFRA limits and calculations and how they to apply them.

TIPA IFRA Training

Who is the IFRA Training Program most suitable for?

This International Fragrance Association course is ideal for professionals involved in regulatory affairs within the fragrance or ingredients industries and those involved in the creation of fragrances and fragranced products.

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Training Program Description

The aims of this training course are to provide background information and detailed technical information and guidance to give a good understanding of the IFRA guidelines and enable you to undertake appropriate IFRA calculations and prepare IFRA certificates. The course professionally explores terms and techniques relating to IFRA, based on the 48th Amendment, and the application and management of IFRA information discussed through the following program:

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