About The International Perfume Academy

We love perfume, the sense of smell and the magical window it offers into every aspect of life. We love people and their abilities: endurance, intelligence, empathy, creativity, humour. We love knowledge and the opportunities it brings. We bring these life long passions plus our experience together, offering perfume training and education to individuals and businesses in all aspects of perfume, perfumery and the sense of smell.

The International Perfume Academy provides professional, expert quality training and development material for people and companies interested in perfume and smell. We hold workshops, give talks, prepare custom training material and provide one to one coaching and mentoring. In all our training, we endevour to be accessible, enlightening and practically useful, ideally with a bit of fun too!

Additionally we have a growing list of Distance Learning courses which are designed to develop knowledge and skills in three core areas:

  • Olfaction - the sense of smell, how it relates to our daily lives, understanding perfume
  • Technical skills - including fragrance stability and legislation
  • Practical skills - perfume compounding, perfume assessment, scented product development

We love perfume and are thrilled every time a new prospective student contacts us, keen to explore the world of perfume and smell. Our key customers are:

  • Perfumery Houses
  • Fragrance Retailers
  • Scented Product Developers & Producers
  • Journalists, Bloggers, Scenthusiasts

We remain endlessly fascinated with perfume and smell, the creation, the challenges, the marketing and selling of it. We design courses to be memorable, interesting, to be practically useful, applicable in real businesses and lives and where possible - to be fun!

The perfume-training.com website was relaunched as The International Perfume Academy in August 2013. The experience within the organisation spans over 26 years in the perfume industry across creative, development, technical, management and commercial roles.

About the Founder

British Society of Perfumers

The founder of The International Perfume Academy is Penny Williams, Creative Perfumer. In addition to being actively involved in creating perfumes, she is a member of IFRA (the International Fragrance Association), deputy chairperson on the UK IFRA Technical Advisory Group and is a consultant to businesses globally through Orchadia. International Fragrance AssociationPenny is also a full member of the British Society of Perfumers (BSP), currently serving on the BSP Council.

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The International Perfume Academy is a part of Orchadia.
Orchadia provides creative, technical, training and communication services to fragrance related businesses all over the world.