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GHS is also known as the ‘purple book’. It’s a global agreement about assessing hazards of substances and mixtures and communicating about them. The audience for GHS is global and each region in the world can adopt GHS into their own legislation and many regions have done this.

GHS is a written set of instructions and methods which enables people to:
1. Assess the hazards of chemicals and mixtures in a consistent way
2. Use a globally agreed method to assign label elements
3. Use consistent language to describe hazards
4. Apply hazard labels to products which an agreed format for communication
5. Use a globally agreed format for a Safety Data Sheet (SDS), so that users from different regions can navigate the SDS easily

GHS contains flexibility so that each region applying the 'rules' can choose which rules they adopt, and the specific requirements about labelling and supply of SDS.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is ideal for people involved in chemical regulatory affairs and compliance relating to GHS, CLP and other regional variations. It is particularly useful to those involved in essential oils, aromachemicals, flavours, fragances and products which use them.

Additional details about the course content are below but if you have any remaining queries about suitability for you, please let us know.

Course Description

The aims of this course are to provide background summary information about GHS, and detailed technical information about applying GHS criteria for substances and mixtures. It will enable a better understanding of GHS criteria so that reviewing information provided by suppliers, or in the public domain is easier. It will also explains how to calculate GHS information for mixtures, and label products. The course professionally explores GHS, gives many examples, and also summarises the regional variations of GHS for Europe and USA through the following chapters:

• Chapter 1 About GHS

• Chapter 2 GHS Classification Elements

• Chapter 3 GHS Classification Process Introduction

• Chapter 4 GHS Hazards

• Chapter 5 Flammable Liquid and Flammable Solid

• Chapter 6 Acute Toxicity

• Chapter 7 Skin Corrosion/Irritation

• Chapter 8 Serious Eye Damage /Eye irritation

• Chapter 9 Respiratory and Skin Sensitization

• Chapter 10 Germ Cell Mutagenicity

• Chapter 11 Carcinogenicity

• Chapter 12 Reproductive Toxicity

• Chapter 13 Specific Target Organ Toxicity Single Exposure

• Chapter 14 Specific Target Organ Toxicity Repeated Exposure

• Chapter 15 Aspiration Hazard

• Chapter 16 Hazardous to the Aquatic Environment

• Chapter 17 Safety Data Sheets

• Chapter 18 GHS Implementation in USA and Europe

Included with the course are:

• Digital copy of the course material

• Access to our online classroom with an optional final test

• Certificate for successful completion (for students who pass the final test)

• Student support during studies and for 6 months after completion

Course Enrollment and Payment

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The GHS Training Course cost is £360 / €420 / US$540

Course payment is via traditional invoice or PayPal. Please contact us for payment options.
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