Perfume Training Workshops

We provide perfume related workshops for a variety of purposes from understanding the sense of smell and perfumery to technical areas including legislation. Workshops can generally accommodate 5 to 50 people, however the practical numbers are dependent on the topic, content and goals of the workshop.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

19th May 2016 - BSP One Day Symposium

Where we've been recently

22nd April 2016 - B.E.O.A Symposium

16th March 2016 - Making Cosmetics - Exploring the ups and downs of fragrance creation.

8th March 2016 - Introduction to CLP legislation - Hosted by TIPA at Colworth Science Park.

1st March 2016 - Flavour Regulations Training Day - Delivered by Joy Hardinge and hosted by Orchadia at Colworth Science Park.

28th January 2016 - The IFRA UK members Info - Giving a talk about the challenges of competing ingredient classifications, Safety Data Sheets, REACH CLP Annex VI and industry data.

October 2015 - Bedford Fun Palace : Where science meets art and culture.

July 2015 - At Colworth Science Park with The Perfume Shop - adding the final touches to a collaboraive fragrance and exploring scent.

March 2015 - Making Cosmetics FREE Mini Fragrance workshop - Introducing Your Great Sense of Smell!

October 2014 - CLP Legislation for Aircare - Hosted by TIPA - A review of CLP legislation with a particular focus on aircare products such as candles and reed diffusers.

June 2014 - Introduction to Fragrance Legislation - Hosted by TIPA - A guide to to legislation affecting fragrance and fragranced products including hazard classification of GHS and CLP, IFRA, Allergens and Safety Data Sheets.

March 2014 - Joint IFRA UK and BSP Workshop - Regulations for Non-Regulatory Personnel with the theme 'Regulations are the icebergs in the sea on which we sail our businesses'. Excellent and knowledgeable speakers accross many challenging areas. More information, including how to book, available on the flier, download here.

March 2014 - Making Cosmetics - 4 discussions dedicated to fragrance:

Workshop's available for organizations

These can be given within your organization or meeting place. It's possible to customize the content of available workshops to suit your requirements or to design unique workshops according to your requirements. For additional information please contact us.


The training can take place almost anywhere and can be completed in a day, or half a day, depending on content and budget. Fragrance training is adapted to the individual needs of the participants and can be tailored to your own requirements.

Other Resources for Learning

A free sniff available through the Royal Society of Chemistry - Making sense of Scents, (a Scentsory Question Time with a panel from the fragrance industry, including Creative Perfumer and course designer Penny Williams). This was recorded and transmitted live and available to watch through this link

ICATS - Offer the 'IFEAT Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies', also available in single Units. This is a well respected organization with a long history in providing in depth study material.

ISIPCA - Two years of study (one year France, one year Italy) Another well respected organization offering in depth learning with more information available on their website