What do our customers say about our Perfume Training?

Thanks to our customer past and present, we are pleased to share some of the excellent feedback we have had.

On our fragrance training workshops:

From Janet Woodjetts as Training Manager of The Perfume Shop (part of the AS Watsons group)

"Working with Penny in a training capacity is a delightful experience. She really cares about the project in hand and has a wealth of knowledge on so many subjects that she is like a walking encyclopedia. She is extremely approachable and her training sessions leave the delegates 'spellbound' and wanting to learn more. She has the rare ability to be able to talk with great technical expertise or to relate her subject in layman's terms. Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and her creativity continues to amaze me. Once you have discussed your requirements with her, the speed of accurate delivery is breathtaking! She injects light-heartedness into both her training presentations and also her written programmes and it is this that appeals to her audience. I can guarantee that if you engage Penny once, you will be wanting her to make return visits."

From Nev Phillips of the Perfume Studio at Studio XN

"As well as being very likeable and easy to work with, Penny is extremely knowledgeable about perfumery and the industry and brings the subject to life with flair and creativity. Penny provided my business with our introduction to the world of perfume."

On our Distance Learning Perfume Training courses

From Dawn of USA

"This course provides a fascinating glimpse into the making of perfumes, the fragrance industry, and will truly put your nose to the test. Penny's extensive knowledge and experience is evident and it was truly an honor to work with someone with her expertise. The course is informative, in depth, but very enjoyable. Furthermore, Penny is extremely helpful and responsive on an individual basis. I had reservations about being able to access the material since I am a Braille reader, but the course is fully accessible and the material can be downloaded and easily read on a Braille notetaker or display."

From Tracy of UK

"I loved every minute of it. The content was really easy to take in and understand. Even the technical parts seemed straight forward - and this is not a strength of mine! I have worked with perfume for many years and taken other courses, even some provided by the top fragrance houses. I can honestly say this was the best by far. I am regularly in situations where I apply knowledge learned during the course"

On our Fast Track Perfume Business Insight workshop

From RC Treatt, world leading independent ingredient supplier to the flavour and fragrance industries.

14 staff members took part in a one day workshop in March 2012. Fantastic participation by all, feedback follows:

'10 out of 10 for Penny' - very knowledgeable - entertaining - excellent - welcomed questions and answered clearly - maintained interest throughout.'

"A great day of learning without realising as it was structured in such an interactive way."

"So much was explored from the human senses and how there are different perceptions, to the pricing implications that Perfumers face. All of this is valuable to take to customers."

Thank you so much!