Perfume Training Solutions

We have a range of training courses and materials across olfactory, perfumery and technical areas.

Online Learning

The International Perfume Academy offers Online Distance Learning courses for flexible and professional training for students throughout the world.

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We provide perfume related workshops for a variety of purposes from understanding the sense of smell and perfumery to technical areas including legislation. Workshops can generally accommodate 5 to 50 people, however the practical numbers are dependent on the topic, content and goals of the workshop. The International Perfume Academy additionally provides professional, expert quality training and development material for companies with an interest in perfume and smell. We hold workshops, give talks, prepare custom training material and provide one to one coaching and mentoring.

Customised Training

We can prepare customised training courses and work shops for use within companies and at events. If you need training or event material involving smell, perfume or related technical content, please know - you are in the right place for expertise, professionalism and great content.

Perfumery coaching, support and advice is available with a very limited number of places available annually. Perfumery coaching is tailored to the individual. It can include include perfume evaluation and assessment, technical insight and focused training.

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If you have other fragrance training requirements, not specifically mentioned, please Contact Us. We really value your input as your requirements and views help us plan future training programs.

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