Advanced Perfume Training Course

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The aims of this distance learning Advanced Perfume Training course are to give you extra insight into the sense of smell and perfume and to develop new knowledge which you can put to practical use straight away. This is done by studying the written course material along side practical smelling exercises using samples from the supplied sample kit and making observations through the world around you. This is an engaging and interactive course which makes it memorable and very practical for anyone who needs a deeper understanding of fragrance and the sense of smell.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is ideal for people involved in the selling and retailing of perfume, and those in a product development role where perfume is a key feature. It can also be beneficial for people serious about a fragrance based career or with specific interest in the sense of smell and perfume.

Additional details about the course content are below but if you have any remaining queries about suitability for you, please let us know.

Course Description

The course explores professional terms and techniques of perfumery and smell, associated sciences and business through the following chapters:

• Chapter 1 Understanding Smell

• Chapter 2 The History of Perfume

• Chapter 3 Ingredients of Perfumery

• Chapter 4 Perfume Compositions & Evaluation

• Chapter 5 The Perfume Business

• Chapter 6 Perfume Creation

Smell is our most ancient sense, used before we were even human to investigate our surroundings, find suitable mates, to find food and recognize threats and safety. The course explores how our sense of smell is still used for these pre-historic purposes.

Our application of perfume goes back over 4000 years and the evolution of perfumery is related to our exploration of the globe, our understanding of science plus economic and social change. The course visits some key events to help understand how the fragrance industry became what it is today.

The ingredients of perfumery are waiting to be explored including clever plants and production methods. 20 key olfactive areas are available to smell through the sample kit. These odours can be further combined to appreciate the fragrance families discussed within the course. Insight into the often challenging and exciting world of modern perfumery is given in the final chapter.

The depth of knowledge gained can ideally be applied in sales and development situations, providing multiple talking points and enabling great interaction with customers. The course builds confidence and is a springboard for future learning.

Included with the course are:

• Digital copy of the course material

• 20 Samples x 3 blotters of each

• Access to our online classroom with an optional final test

• Certificate for successful completion (for students who pass the final test)

• Student support during studies and for 6 months after completion

Course Enrollment and Payment

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The Advanced Perfume Training Course cost is £300 / €350 / US$450

Course payment is via traditional invoice or PayPal. Please contact us for payment options.
Business customers please contact us if you are in Europe and are VAT registered.

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