The International Perfume Academy

The International Perfume Academy provides professional educational and training resources to the fragrance industry and beyond.

We provide specialist online learning courses, hold workshops, give talks and prepare custom training material in the following core areas:

Our ethos is simple: we explain complex topics as clearly as possible, providing engaging and thought provoking content. Our goal is to build real understanding with practical applications. Where possible we make training fun too!

Quotes from past students and participants

"The scope of the information presented in the course was much more than I expected. I had (still have) excellent support from Penny, and I have been very happy all the way through my study." Quote from student on the Advanced Perfume Training Course.

"A great day of learning without realising as it was structured in such an interactive way" quote from participant of the Perfume Business Insight workshop.

The International Perfume Academy is a part of Orchadia.
Orchadia provides creative, technical, training and communication services to fragrance related businesses all over the world.